Today we’ve got a very insightful interview for you! We talked with WABetaInfo, one of the best, if not the best, source of WhatsApp related news and updates. We discussed the new WhatsApp Business, underused features and much more. If you’re interested in WhatsApp, you’re in for a treat.

WABetaInfo is one of the best sources, if not the best source of WhatsApp related news. Can you tell us why you started it, and how come you are so interested in WhatsApp?
I started WABetaInfo because I kept seeing a lot of fake news about WhatsApp, and I really wished to do something against fake information. So I created WABetaInfo and finally got what I wanted.

What do you think about the new WhatsApp Business? Are you satisfied with the new features or did you expect a bit more?
I think WhatsApp for Business is a very good product. Nowadays there are 1.3 billion users that are using WhatsApp, and a tool that helps businesses to communicate with their customers was really necessary.

WhatsApp Business offers many advantages to manage the business side of activities and I'm totally satisfied. Yes, this is a new product that needs to be improved with a lot of features, but surely WhatsApp already has many features on their to-do list and we are ready to see how WhatsApp will evolve their Business app.

What do you see as the main advantage of using WhatsApp for business purposes?
The main advantage is surely the label feature that allows to mark specific chats and messages in order to quickly find them later on. It's possible to mark a chat as a "Pending Payment" or "Order Completed". I really like this! Also quick replies are very good. They help the user to save time, especially when he has a lot of customers to reply to.

What would be your #1 tip for people who want to promote their business via WhatsApp?
My best tip is to have some leaflets in their shop that explain how to contact the business using WhatsApp. If the Business has a website, the best way is to use the "click to chat" feature, that allows to quickly open the Business chat in WhatsApp.

What are the biggest weaknesses of WhatsApp?
The worst thing is surely connected with WhatsApp Web. I would love to use WhatsApp Web without my phone, but this is not possible. WhatsApp Web requires your phone to have an active Internet connection, and WhatsApp on my iPhone still has some connection problems that were never fixed.

Are there any useful features most WhatsApp users don’t know about?
I believe a lot of users don't know the backup feature very well. It happened that WhatsApp released a version that crashed and the chat history was corrupted. Many users even saw their chat history disappear. They usually send me a direct message on Twitter, asking me to help them. I can unfortunately only recommend performing backup more often.

Is there something you'd really like WhatsApp to implement in the near future?
Yes, I have a lot of ideas. I would love to see Touch ID implemented in WhatsApp to protect favorite chats. I created a concept about this feature, hoping that WhatsApp will add it in future. You can see it here.

Dark Mode would also be amazing. Every day I receive questions like "is WhatsApp working to implement a night/dark mode? My eyes need it!".

Anything else you’d like to add?
During the last year, I noticed that WhatsApp is finally improving their app a lot and adding many features. That is the right way and I think 2018 will be a very good year for all users. :)

We’d like to thank WABetaInfo for this really interesting talk! You can follow his WhatsApp news on Twitter or on WABetaInfo site.

We hope you learned something new and are as excited about the evolution of WhatsApp as we are. If you have any questions let us know, and we will do our best to answer them.